Managed Services in Florence, Oregon

If your business is typical of many businesses, your use of technology has grown sporadically over time and has not kept up with the growing needs of your company. Computer technology may be seen as a problematic yet necessary expenditure. We work intelligently and methodically to provide businesses with fast, stable and secure working environments that are properly positioned for disaster recovery. Technology is then routinely documented, monitored and managed insuring a proper configuration.

Not only can we save your company thousands of dollars in support costs, we are instrumental in improving channels of communication and access to business data within your organization. Our technical service is vast and runs the gamut from standard tech support to highly complex computer networks, database development and automation.

The first step in establishing managed services is to meet with your company to discuss your present technical configuration and your plans for the future. We then provide you with a proposal with the goal of creating a managed newtwork environment. For more information about Managed Services provided by Coast Computer Services, call (541) 997-0700.

Are you performing an onsite/offsite backup of computers storing critical business data? Data loss could put up to 40 percent of companies out of business.

Are your computers properly secured to prevent the theft of confidential business data? Ransomware attacks have risen 752 percent according to researchers.

Are you presently paying a costly computer support contract?
Technology exists that can outright eliminate or greatly reduce recurring tech support.