Database Development in Florence, Oregon

Coast Computer Services develops custom databases for business. Custom designed software can integrate directly with your existing relational database system such as your company accounting system, ERP, CRM - even your CMS. By pursuing custom database development your business can further utilize the data in your existing systems while adding features that do not presently exist. An example of this would be adding time management features to the case management process in PowerPath. Another example would be designing a custom designed email billing module for use with Springbrook.

Of course if you would like to create an entirely new worfklow process from scratch, we can do that too. For more information about Database Development provided by Coast Computer Services, call (541) 997-0700.

Are you fully utilizing the benefits of automation in your company workflow?
Technology can lead to an 84 percent increase in productivity per hour.
Our services includes creating custom software that automates routine tasks.

Is vital work flow information easily accessible by all staff members via desktop/mobile?
87 percent of high-performing companies use database and project management systems.

Workflow Automation

2D Barcode Automation Case Management
Email Billing Radio Spot Sales
Inventory Management Client Management
Image Management Schedule Management
Document Management Project Management
Parts Management Work Order Processing
Purchase Order Processing Report Distribution
Lead Generation Lead Analysis
Cause Analysis Cost Analysis
Company Knowledgebase CAD Drawing Management


Linux Windows
Apache Internet Information Server
MySQL SQL Server
PHP Visual Basic
Ajax jQuery
Sendgrid SMTP
Microsoft Access Microsoft ActiveX